A Change of Pace

A Change of Pace

by Emily Scudder

Finishing Line Press, 2007

26 pages, $14

ISBN: 978-1-59924-151-7


Emily Scudder is not afraid to embolden the domestic and everyday with a childlike eeriness. Yet beneath her peacefully eccentric language, a fierce current rips along: of compassion and heartbreaking tenancity - the stuff of sane, wild love.   

--Frannie Lindsay, author of Lamb and Where She Always Was.

In a Change of Pace Emily Scudder ponders the mystery of life in all forms. Writing on subjects ranging from parenthood to horseshoe crabs, cremation to walking in Japan, the poet changes her pace often in energizing, revelatory ways. These poems are wry, erotic, observant, wise.


-- Susan Carlisle, Lecturer, Program in Writing and Humanistic Studies, Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT)