Natural Instincts

Natural Instincts

by Emily Scudder

Finishing Line Press, 2008

25 pages, $14

ISBN: 978-1-59924-330-X

In Emily Scudder's poems. "nature rivets," and so does solitude: a room of her own would be the sea, perhaps in the sea for closer observation of the marine life filling this chapbook. Here's a fresh humorous voice often plagued by human domesticities far away from the room, but delighted by the demands made. Throughout Natural Instincts, her wry observing eye is always scanning the horizon for pleasure too. This is a skilled poetic voice honestly assessing and caressing material at the same time. 

-- Suzanne E. Berger, author of Legacies, These Rooms, and Horizontal Woman.

In her second chapbook, Emily Scudder shows herself to be a very wise poet. Whether tenderly investigating the souls of sea creatures or the depth of familial love, her quiet wryness is as steadying as it is gracefully surprising.  

--Frannie Lindsay, author of Lamb and Where She Always Was.

 "Nature rivets" the poet wryly observes in the poem "Natural Instincts." The poems in this excellent chapbook also rivet, giving us deep glimpses into the life of the mind and body, both wild and domesticated.  Emily Scudder's poems are wonderfully crafted, dynamic, reverberant. 


-- Susan Carlisle, Lecturer, Program in Writing and Humanistic Studies, Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT)

Fiddler Crab, watercolor, by Jeanne Lafferty

Fiddler Crab, watercolor, by Jeanne Lafferty